2018-2019: Correspondence 2018: Free Aktion -
Transformed Into Flowers
2017: Our First 100 Days

2017: Two Young Lovers
(Transparent Flexi)
2017: What's That Perfume
(Flexi Postcard)
2017: That Perfume That You Wore
(Custom made perfume)

2017: Life Will See You Now (album)
2017: What's That Perfume (video) 2016: Free Aktion - Faith In Time

2015: Postcards
2015: Ghostwriting
2015: Livingroom Tour

2015: Most Valuable Players -
2014: WWJD Mixtape 2013: Shout Outs Rmx
14th Of July

2013: Faktum CD
benefit CD for the homeless
2013: Esopus Magazine
'Regarding a Package'
2012: Moleskine Notebook
design by John Gilsenan

2012: I Know What Love Isn't
2012: I Know What Love Isn't
7" single b/w
 'That's The Way Love Is' by Ten City
2012: Erica America
digital single

2012: Become Someone Else's
Video by Marcus Söderlund
2012: I Know What Love Isn't
Video by Marcus Söderlund
2012: Erica America
Video by Marcus Söderlund

2012: San Francisco 2005
found piano recordings
2011: An Argument With Myself
On CD, vinyl and picture vinyl
2010: A Summer in 3/4 Time

2010: Au Revoir Simone Rmx

2010: Tracey Thorn
'Come On Home'
2010: Javiera Mena

2009: Whip It
2009: Golden Key 2009: The Summer Never Ends

2009: The Sweptaways
'Happiness Will Be My Revenge'
From 'The Sweptaways Show'
2008: Wild Combination
Documentary by Matt Wolf
(I'm performing a song on the DVD)
2008: Sipping On The Remixes
by Rollerboys

2008: Guy Blackman
'Dark and Quiet Place'

2007: Kalendervägen 113.D
Night Falls Companion CD
2007: Night Falls Over Kortedala

2007: Four Songs
By Arthur Russell

2007: Sipping Video
By Marcus Söderlund
2007: Friday Night At
The Drive-in Bingo

7" single b/w 'Radio NRJ'

2007: SC100
'Your Beat Kicks
Back Like Death'

Scout Niblett Cover
2006: Benni Hemm Hemm
2006: The Death Of This Summer

2006: Blood Music
2006: Rejected washing
machine jingle
2006: The 2006 T-shirt

2005: New Buffalo - Inside
2005: USA October 2005
Tour EP
2005: Oh You're So Silent Jens
compilation album

2005: You Deserve Someone
Better Than A Bum

Like Me Tour EP
2005: The Opposite Of
Hallelujah EP
2004: El Perro Del Mar

2004: I Killed A Party Again
2004: You Are The Light
(Secretly Canadian)
2004: Rocky Dennis EP
(Secretly Canadian)

2004: Mapleleaves EP
(Secretly Canadian)
2004: When I Said
I Wanted To Be Your Dog

2004: You Are The Light
Video by Magnus Renfors

2004: José Gonzalez
2004: Julie EP
2004: Rocky Dennis In Heaven

2003: Mapleleaves EP
2003: Untitled Vinyl 7"
Self released
2000: "The Insect EP"
Self released